Visit: http://www.timeoffice.in/Licancespage.aspx Enter Unique no -> Next-> Enter Company Name, Email Address, Mobile no., Address, Reference number-> Submit. License number will be sent to your email address as well as same will be displayed on the next navigated page of the website.

User Name: admin
Password: admin

Data download->Shift generate-> Process-> Report

Same as employee code and Enroll ID must be 8 digits.

Connect the machine with computer and open software. Go in data->Machine data manager-> Select machine ID & Click on delete admin data.

Master-> Device Master-> check the Device ID,IP Address & Port number with machine.

Admin->Backup Database->Select destination->ok

Yes, using Admin->System setup->Click on edit->Tick Auto shift Enable->Save

Yes, You can add night shift using Master->Shift Master

Yes. You can add multiple companies and able to maintain the Attendance data of all the companies.

Shift can be allocated using shift Master or shift pattern.

Yes. Using shift pattern we can combine different shifts and this shift pattern can be allocated to an employee.

There is no limit. Any number of employees can be created.

Time Office offers a wide range of customizable reports to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding organization. You can get a number of comprehensive reports containing information on Attendance, Late In/Early Out, Miss Punch, Leave, Over Time, Salary etc. Reports can be previewed and each report can also be exported as PDF, excel or word.

Yes, It is possible Using SMS.

Yes, using Report->Weekly Report->Select Date.

Access & SQL Server both database is supported.